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Happy 2021 From the Gregor Team

We are happy 2020 is over and want to showcase everything we accomplished!

We welcome 2021 with open arms. What a challenging and eye-opening year 2020 was for everyone. We really were able to fine tune our team, our goals and our virtual skills!
The Gregor group started a Monday Fun Factor in March of 2020 and completed one team activity every week thru the end of the year. This was so much fun for a small group to get to know one another and optimize our team building skills. Group favorites were the Among Us Game, Balderdash, Mad Libs, Sudoku and Drawing Challenges.

Much beyond our fun factor skills, we translated the team cohesion to the lab and clinical spaces. The Gregor GD001 Biorepository study was able to enroll and collect 348 samples from 23 sites across the US, even amidst the pandemic. We opened 6 of those sites in summer, and they showed us just what power houses they were. The R&D team was able to complete two amazing tasks-- a method in which to preserve our samples in transit from the future patient's house to our lab, and beginning an in-house ELISA assay of one of our biomarkers. We also were fundraising and planning out our next studies towards FDA approval for the Gregor Test to be utilized as a screening test for Prostate Cancer.

Our challenges and success will continue in 2021 as the Gregor team continues to perservere and work towards saving men's lives. We wish you all the best and most successful of days in the year 2021.