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Al Roker, TODAY show host, diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Al outlines the prevalence and screening inadequacies of Prostate Cancer

· Prostate Cancer

In early November, Al Roker, TODAY show host and weatherman, announced that he has been diagnosed with an aggressive Prostate Cancer. He underwent surgery at MSK in New York last week and has been publically announcing his journey to bring awareness to the pitfalls and the strong prevalence of Prostate Cancer.

NBC New York highlights that "A big reason he publicly shared his cancer journey is because he wants to put a spotlight on the fact that 1 in 9 American men will develop prostate cancer and that African American men are 50% more likely to develop the disease in their lifetime and twice as likely to die from it."

Al stressed on Tuesday that Black men over 40 should get tested.

This reaffirms the absolute necessity of the Gregor test, a better screening tool for prostate cancer so this story, like Al's, will become less common.

The Gregor team wishes all the best to Al and a speedy recovery.